Frigidaire 379 portable air conditioner

Frigidaire 379 portable air conditioner

Frigidaire 379 portable air conditioner: powerful, reliable, and energy-efficient. Ultimate climate control for your living space.

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Availability: 1 in stock

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Product Description

Product Description

Frigidaire 379 Portable Air Conditioner: Powerful, Reliable, and Energy-Efficient Climate Control for Your Living Space. Shop now at Home Goods Liquidation, your one-stop shop for discount home goods. We offer a wide selection of portable air conditioners, appliances, furniture, and more at unbeatable prices. 



  • Powerful cooling to keep your living space comfortable on hot days 
  • Reliable performance with durable construction and advanced features 
  • Energy-efficient operation to save you money on your energy bills 
  • Ultimate climate control with multiple cooling speeds and functions 


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Frigidaire 379